Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Christmas marks that we have been back in Georgia for a year now. Hard to believe that it has been a year already. We are enjoying being near family and the warmer weather.
Unfortunately, this Christmas was tarnished a bit by the death of my grandmother, Erma "Money" Hall. She died just a week or so before. Glad we were here so we could go to the funeral. She was 93 and lived a long, happy life. We miss you, Money!

This year was also a bit strange because, for the first time EVER, Steven's parents were not here on Christmas Day, so we didn't go to their house. They took a trip up to Maryland to be with Steven's sister and her family for Christmas. For the first time in my life, while living in GA, we didn't have anywhere to go on Christmas Day. But Steven's brother had mercy on us and invited us over for dinner. So we got to enjoy a nice, leisurely morning with the kids, opening presents and playing with new toys. It was a blast! I'll post some pictures soon!