Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Life is about learning

The Julian home has been fairly quiet lately.  Shocking, I know, having 3 growing boys.  We are just working, going to school, doing homework, and trying to find time to have some fun.

Joshua continues to practice baseball 4 days a week getting ready for the spring travel season.  He got a new bag and wood bat for Christmas and is enjoying breaking them in.  We are trying to determine the right dose of meds for Zach and I dread sending him to middle school next year. 

Elijah turns 8 on Friday and he is ready.  Every day at the bus stop he looks at me and says, "4 more days", or "3 more days".  He's so cute!  I'm having some issues with his teacher and some inconsistencies that are going on in his classroom.  He needs routine and predictability wit his disorder that he isn't getting right now.  He's doing ok, but I think he could do better in the proper environment.  I go back and forth between online school or something like that but haven't been able to justify taking them away from friends and social interaction.  He has a check up on Monday.  I'm going to talk to his pediatrician more about his condition and find out what other areas of life it will affect.

I'm still back and forth about my job.  I asked for the week of spring break off, usually a busy time at work, so that we can take a family vacation.  (Maybe to Montana!)  I'll wait to see if they actually let me have that time.  If not, I guess I have my answer.  Still no word from the Braves yet either.  Everything is up in the air so I'm still praying for direction.

I will be attending a women's Bible study each Wednesday starting January 22.  I am excited about that since I don't really get to go to church much.  That will be my fellowship/study time.  Hopefully schedules will change soon so I can attend church with my family more often.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Catch Up

I was told by a dear friend recently that she missed reading my blog because it helped her feel up to date with our family.  Sorry I've been absent.  I'll try to start doing better and catch you up from here.

We are doing well.  We are adjusting to life without Steven's dad.  It's tough for him...and for me.  He and I are now orphans and our kids have no grandparents.  That 's a tough pill to swallow sometimes.  I hear so many friends talk about how their parents/in-laws come pick up the kids and take them out or stay with them for a few days.  That has not and will never be a reality for us.  Our kids will never really know how wonderful our parents were.  Joshua (now 13) was only 5 months old when my mom died so he will never remember her.  When my dad died, JJ was 3 and Zach was almost 1.  JJ has some memories, but mostly what I tell him.  Zach remembers nothing.  Steven's mom died when the boys were 9, 6, and 3.  Joshua remembers a bit, Zach a bit less, and Elijah nothing.  Now Dave has died when they are 13, 10 and 7.  They have some memories and I hope they will last because that is all they have.  Thankfully JJ and Zach spent time with Dave during piano lessons and Elijah was at least present.  Also Dave was great at coming to sit with the kids so Steven and I could go out.  I hope they remember and hold on to those times.

Anyway, Steven and his siblings are in the legal process of getting Dave's estate in order. It will be a long process but I think it is actually bringing Steven and his brothers together a bit, so that will be good.

Zach is now consistently taking his ADD meds.  We are still evaluating to make sure of the dosage.  I don't really like medicating him (and it's quite expensive) but it really seems to be helping him.  He can really tell a difference in himself and I think that is motivating him a bit.  He got some Knex and an erector set for Christmas.  He has become quite the builder and will sit in his room for hours building and rebuilding something.  He even got Joshua interested one night.  JJ didn't think he could do it, but Zach showed him some tips and they built together for the whole night.

JJ just got his top braces off.  We thought he would have them all off by now, but little things here and there keep not being quite right.  Better get it right with all the time and money we've put in to his teeth by this point.  He's not happy about still having some on, but it's better than nothing.  No more rubber bands, just bottom braces and a top retainer.  He will get the bottom ones off February 3 and will get a bottom retainer.  Only wear those at night I think.  JJ loves feeling his smooth teeth.

Elijah, my sweet baby, will be 8 years old this Friday.  I can't believe it!  We will go to Chuck E. Cheese's to eat and play games for his birthday.  Steven and I will spend the day transforming his little boy airplane room to a big boy WWE room, complete with sheets, comforter, curtains, wall decals, posters and ceiling fan pulls.  Even so far as to put ropes around his bed so he has to "climb into the ring" to get in and out of bed.  I hope he likes it. 

They are all growing up so fast.

Me, I'm still working at Medieval Times.  It's not a bad job.  I like the people I work with.  Sometimes it's even fun.  But lately I've been going back and forth as to whether I should stay or quit.  I work every Sunday and can't go to church with my family.  That really stinks.  But it's decent money (more than the stadium) and the hours during the week are great for the kids being in school.  I really miss the flexibility in my schedule and having days off that I want.  I had decided to resign the other day and just look for something else, but today I got a raise.  Now I'm not sure again.  I'm been praying and asking God what He wants me to do.  Every time I think I have the answer, something happens and I wonder what is the right decision.  I would appreciate YOUR prayers as well as I decide what direction my life is to take.

Well, that sums up the Julian house right now.  Like I said, I'll try to be more faithful in filling you in on our lives and it's happenings, when there are some.  Thanks for reading.