Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

I know this page looks better with pictures on it. But, honestly, I just haven't had the time to take any. Let alone upload them to the computer. So words will have to do for now.

The Julians are all alive and well and ready for summer! I started my new job with the Gwinnett Braves on Friday. It was crazy! And great! Working in baseball is like a dream come true. But I am learning that working and running a household can be quite exhausting. The Braves are on a 10 game homestand right now and I work EVERY game. I haven't seen much of the kids, or Steven, for the last few days. But that will change some in the summer when the kids are out of school and we are together during the day. The biggest challenge so far is finding someone to watch the boys for a few hours between the time I have to be at work and Steven gets home. But it's going well and I am enjoying it!

Joshua finally got to start playing baseball again this week. After all the rain, they are starting to play games and make ups of games. He had one Friday, Sat AND Sunday. They lost the first two, but won on Sunday. (I was able to make it to that one since the Braves had an afternoon game.) Joshua did great! He caught a pop up at first base, got a hit, drove in a run, scored a run. It was like old times! School is going well for him. He is very bright! His grade is doing testing this week, ugh! But only 1 more month of school left. Hard to believe he'll be in 3rd grade next year!

Zach is a delight, as always. He started playing soccer again this week. He gets better and better with every game! He had an assist on Sat and Sun and has started taking the ball away from the other team. (I told him it was ok to take it from them in sports. You are supposed to!) And he seems to be enjoying it. He went to a birthday party on Saturday at a roller skating rink. He's never been skating before. He started off a bit rocky, but ended up doing great. And, better yet, he LOVED it! He was determined to figure it out, and he did! In just 2 hours, he was almost an expert. "Mommy, can I have MY birthday party here?" I always enjoyed skating. Now we can go together. Maybe we can even teach his brothers...and his dad!

Elijah has only 2 weeks of school left. He is finally on letter Z (for Zach). (They have been doing 1 letter each week.) His favorite pasttimes are playing 5 monkeys jumping on the bed and helping me shop for groceries. Oh, and throwing his baseball cards all over whatever room they are in. His speech has improved dramatically. Even Steven can understand him now. And he's even been invited to his first friend birthday party. How sweet! He has stopped carrying around his "stuff" (or at least seems to) and will start potty training on May 1. I am determined to get that kid out of diapers. 9 years of non-stop diapers is long enough!

Steven's business is doing well, in spite of this economy. He keeps plugging away, doing what he knows needs to be done. God has been good to him in business and us as a family. We are very blessed. He has recently taken on the roll of Mr. Mom, at least in the evenings. With me working, he is doing a lot of dinners, baths, and bedtimes. I am grateful for his willingness to help in this way.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Misc ramblings

I woke the boys up this morning all excited, yelling and screaming, that it was snowing and there would be no school today. They were SO happy and couldn't wait to look out the window to see. We ran over and opened up the blinds and....yelled "April Fools"! Yes, Steven and I played a trick on our kids. Shame on us! (But it sure was fun!)

Elijah has started carrying his "stuff" (as he calls it) around the house. It includes his blanket ("Blank"), his monkey, 2 Aflac ducks, a small dog from a McDonald's happy meal and his Spiderman slippers. Yes, he carries them, not wears them. It is very funny. He gathers them all in his arms and comes downstairs when he gets out of bed. He dumps them in the den, on the floor or the couch, and leaves them there until he goes to bed again. Heaven forbid anyone should touch his "stuff"! He will run at you and scream "NO!" Watch out. But it sure is cute to watch him try to carry it all.

I finally have pics of Zach playing soccer.