Monday, November 11, 2013

Life is good

It was a typical Monday here at the Julian house.  The kid went to school, Steven and I went to work.  My day went well.  I've developed some "friendships" with some of the girls that I work with that sit near me.  They are all much younger than me, and that's ok.  It's quite interesting to talk to them.  Sometimes when we talk I realize I am referring to things that they are too young to remember.  I date myself a lot there.  They find it funny.  I discovered today that the 3 people around me today that I was talking to were born the year I graduated from high school!  Yikes!

I got off work a bit early (not by choice) and came home to walk the dog and go get the kids from school.  I got a text from Steven that he was having a horrible day.  I hate to hear that.  He works so hard and wants to do well by his family and his clients.  I hate when things don't go well for him.  I asked the kids what we could do for him to help his day get better.  Zach IMMEDIATELY suggested that we go out to dinner.  (That is always their first idea.)  I tried to come up with some other ideas: movie night with dinner in bed, family game night, etc.  I asked Steven and he agreed that dinner out would be just what the doctor ordered.  So we took the boys out to TGIFriday's.  Yum!  It was a great time. 

Steven and I were able to talk a bit about work.  I think he feels unproductive because of some disorganization.  He needs some protocols in place to help him transition smoothly.  Organization is my expertise.  I am going to try to help him get something in the works that would help him.  Perhaps God wanted us to have that conversation.  We'll see how it goes.

Now we are relaxing and watching Fringe while the boys watch RAW downstairs, a typical Monday night ritual.  I can hear them cheering and chanting.  They love it.  I love them.
Feeling so blessed today!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Catch Up

Wow!  Take a night or two off and then suddenly I realize it's been over a week!
Everything this week got straightened out.  JJ spent one day in ISS for NOT pulling a chair out from under another child, who wasn't hurt.  Elijah designed his experiment and I let him type it up to turn in to his teacher.  JJ was then accused of hurling homosexual slurs during class.  (Does he even know any?)  I was never contacted by the school.  Just JJ telling me he was called to the office and interrogated again.  Nothing ever came of that so I assume all is well.

I took JJ to the orthodontist on Monday to get a date for taking off his braces, after over 2 years.  Only to find out that they have OVER corrected his jaw with the rubber bands!  Now he has had to reverse the rubber bands to get his jaw back to where it should be.  (His bottom teeth were in front of his top teeth.)  So he goes back in 4 weeks.  Hopefully to find out when he will get them off again, maybe.  Elijah has to design an advertisement to lure people to the new Georgia colony founded by James Oglethorpe.  Only he can't tell me anything about the colony: why they started it, what would be appealing to others to make them want to come.  He can only tell me who started it.  Sometimes I worry about him.  Sometimes I wonder if his SPD is just a small symptom of something larger.  He has a very difficult time relaying information from school to home, answering an essay question on a test, etc.

Anyway, we have started a project for the month of November.  I am having each of the kids write down each day something they are thankful for.  I'm hoping it will help them realize all they have and just foster a grateful spirit within them.  So far, so good.  I am loving what they are coming up with.