Monday, February 16, 2009

Elijah Reads to Mommy

Elijah's favorite story to read at bedtime lately is "Whacky Jack". It is a story about a raccoon boy and his dad playing baseball (of course) outside. Jack can't catch or hit and just keeps getting whacked on the nose by the ball. But the dad encourages him to keep trying and he will become a champ. One day when Jack and his dad go play baseball outside, Jack actually catches the ball! Then he gets a hit! Dad tells Jack that he knew Jack could do it and, for whacking the ball, would call him Whacky Jack from now on.

We have read it so much that Elijah has memorized it. Now he reads it to me and Steven. I managed to catch SOME of it on video. Very cute!

Friday, February 13, 2009

School Parties

Steven and I were both able to go to the kids' school and attend their parties. It was a lot of fun! I think the kids were glad we came too.

First, we went to Zach's Kindergarten class. It was also pajama day, so everyone had on their pjs. That was fun to see. It was also great to see how Zach interacts with other kids in his class as well as his teachers.
When we got there, they were having story time. They each have a spot on the carpet where they sit. Zach is constantly updating me on who he sits next to.

Then they got to decorate cookies. It was a lot of fun. And yummy too! Zach got to eat some, and so did Elijah.

Then we got to go to Joshua's 2nd grade class. Here, Joshua is sharing his snacks with Elijah. He liked that!

This is Joshua with his best friend, Tobi. According to his teacher, Joshua and Tobi are inseperable. They play together and get in trouble together.

Joshua also had a small part in a little play that they put on at the beginning of the party. He was boy #6, I believe. It was cute!

Elijah's 3rd Birthday

Elijah celebrates his 3rd birthday with a Transformers cake. His cousins, Shayne and Sherrie, Aunt Garalyn, and Grammy and Grandaddy have come to celebrate with him.

We took him and his brothers to Chuck E. Cheese's. We had some pizza and played his favorite games. He LOVES Mario racing!

He also likes skeeball. However, he can't seem to roll the ball hard enough to get it over the lip. Mommy has to help him.

Lately, he has really gotten in to Deal or No Deal. He doesn't pay attention to what he's doing. He just really likes pusing the number buttons and saying "No Deal".

I can't believe Elijah is 3 years old! He is so smart! He knows his ABCs and colors. He can count too, at least up to 26. However, he can't do 2 or 3 with his fingers yet. He also isn't potty trained and doesn't want to be. I have offered him 2 M&Ms if he will sit on the potty. But he just yells NO! He is going to be a toughie!